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About Us

Arcade pix has been designing custom artwork for clients for the last year. With over 10+ years experience in the professional design industry, our skills and knowledge can customize something personal for you. The result, something you can impress your friends and family with. Think of all the time, effort and money spent inside the cabinet Arcade pix believes that should be reflected on the outside also.

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The Overview


Once a deposit has been made we can move forward with the project. You will be directed to a forum where you can fill out some requirements and a questionnaire. We’ll keep in close contact asking & answering any questions you may have.


This is where the magic begins. Conceptual creation starts, a mock up of a concept is created. This concept will lay down the ground work colors and images will be established at this time.


The panel designs and development happens at this stage once all the pieces are design. The client has 2 light revisions they can choose to flex. At this time final sign off is needed before proceeding . 


Final production starts, All files are then re-created in higher resolution format.  Once the files are complete they’ll be sent via dropbox. File formats are submitted in high resolution TIFF format with a set of printing instructions.